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SKINS DNAmic Speed Sports Bra Review

The guys at SKINS were kind enough to offer us at Full Stride the opportunity to review some product ahead of the SKINS launch and it was my turn to choose something. Yay! I was lucky enough to have already selected the DNAmic Women’s Long Tights in Botanica to review on my personal blog, Mutha Fitness so it wasn’t too hard for me to choose a second product. I needed a matching top, right? The DNAmic Women’s Speed Sports Bra in Botanica was the obvious choice for me, not only does it match my new tights, it’s also super stylish with a mix of khaki and bright colours for the main fabric body and gorgeous feminine pink tones for the straps. It really is the perfect colour combo.

The sizing guide for the sports bra was really helpful instructing you to measure your chest circumference at the widest point and then you follow the number along the chart to find the right size for you. There’s nothing worse when you’re exercising than a bra digging into your ribs so it’s important to give yourself a quick measure before you order as if you do it correctly it should be the right fit. Mine absolutely is the perfect fit and I found this with the tights too so take the time to check the sizing chart, it really is useful.

SKINS DNAmic Speed Sports Bra Review

The straps on the DNAmic Speed Sports bra are so comfortable. They are really wide and smooth so they sit on your shoulders rather than digging in and the cross over position at the back means that they can’t move anywhere. No need for mid workout clothes adjustment! The straps are definitely one of the most appealing features of the bra, you can tell it’s been designed with both style and comfort in mind. My other favourite feature is that the bra doesn’t completely flatten your chest. So many sports bras just ‘pin’ your boobs to your body and can make you feel like you’ve been bandaged up. The design of the DNAmic one gives you medium impact support without making you feel like you’re being restricted and I was really impressed with how flattering the design was even on my 30 something, mum of two, deflated boobs! The elastic strap which fits under your bust is smooth and wide so again, eliminates the potential to dig into your skin. Every detail really has been considered.

The panels and seams on the bra have been placed with care to ensure the most comfort and support possible for your workout and you can tell before you even put the garment on that it’s fantastic quality. The moisture management fabric keeps the sweat away from your skin and evaporates to keep you dry. With 50+ UV protection you really are getting a product that is practical, stylish and so comfortable. If you’re looking for new gym wear, look no further than the SKINS range, you really won’t be disappointed.

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*Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with SKINS and I was given the bra in order to give an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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I'm a 30 something Mum embarking upon a journey of general health, fitness and overall wellbeing. I hope to build upon my new found desire to run. Whether that be increased distance, speed or ability, I’m not sure yet but I’ll try to enjoy the journey.


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Comments (4)

  1. Paul says:

    Great review Amy! Outfit looks great.

  2. Rich says:

    I love the look of the new SKINS range.

  3. Thanks again for asking me to write this review, I love them!

  4. Deano says:

    I love the pattern of these! Not sure if they’d suit me though? Haha!

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