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I Train To Stay Sane

I don’t just train for gains, I train to stay sane. It’s my stress buster and I need it in this crazy, fast paced world we are all caught up in.

Training has provide me with not only a way to look great but to feel great emotionally too. It helps elevate my mood and to release tension from my hectic life in the city.

Going on holiday is one of the highlights of the year for most people and I’m no different to a degree. I relish the chance to have a new experiences. Whatever the setting! From snow to sun to built up cities and even being in the middle of nowhere. The only part I stress over is the change to my routine that is embedded within me – in-particularly my training.

A change is good though and a chance to relax is also good but two weeks away for me without an escape space is murder. So it’s important for me to be able to incorporate some sort of training whether it’s body weight training or in a make shift hotel gym. You know the ones – they make claims of having resistance weights and cardio machines. The truth is routine goes out the window – you start to sleep in too late and stay out too late. You indulge in too much wine and rich food. You simply can’t be bothered, even with the unserviced exercise bike the hotel has!

Ultimately there’s nothing wrong with that but for me personally it’s the knock on effect it has when I return home from holiday. Those holiday blues kick in and make me feel totally unmotivated to get up early and train.

Gym Nomad

My best solution is to train and preferably in a gym to keep me motivated. So this is where Gym Nomad will help make my life that little bit easier!

Gym Nomad is a new concept that is taking Amsterdam by storm! It’s an easy to use site that helps find the right place for you to train, based on your training preferences. The site then goes one step further and shows you the costings of the gym and their classes, meaning you get value for money.

Gym Nomad - Where Travel Meets Fitness

Create a Gym Nomad account and then all you need to do is search, select and book. Then wait for a confirmation email with your booking code and you can get started straight away when you get to your destination – it really is that easy and totally stress free!

The search function is great as it’s really simple with the use of a map – meaning you can see where you’re staying in relation to where you might train. Once you have selected a facility to check out further, you get to see the gym equipment on offer, the classes, if personal training is on offer and what the opening times are. The website is really mobile friendly too so if you’re out and about you’re sorted.

The concept is brilliant and I’m looking forward to going to Amsterdam and maintaining my sanity by using Gym Nomad!

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I have run short distances intermittently for many years now. I have never ran a distance over 5K and don’t particularly have any desire to. I used to play football twice or three times a week, now I only play once a week and running comes as a handy substitute to my favourite sporting pastime.

Author: Chris Miller

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