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Kev Richardson

Kev Richardson Profile

Having shown some promise as a runner at school Kev finally got back to the sport at the age of 30 in 2012.

In the three years since, primarily through trial and error but more recently through expert coaching guidance, he has steadily improved and currently has the following PBs:

5k: 16.44
10k: 35.37

Kev’s current goal is to achieve an England Masters England vest.

He’s a keen Cross Country runner and competes in the North East Harrier League (NEHL) for his club Elswick Harriers. He hopes to continue to improve as a Veteran competitive runner in the North East of England.

He also completed a Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) in September 2014. He is extremely interested in training/coaching to improve and has studied the principles put forward by the coaching greats including Arthur Lydiard, Frank Horwill, Jack Daniels, and more recently Greg McMillan.

Key Achievements

  • Qualified for the Fast Pack in the 2014/15 NEHL Cross Country season
  • Ran a 10k PB of 35.37 at the Blyth 10k in April 2015
  • Finished 62nd in the June 2015 Blaydon Race
  • Ran a 16:44 5k PB in May 2017

Kev enjoys writing about his running experiences on his two blog sites:

  1. Sub Seventeen Dream (kevrich1981.wordpress.com) – tales of a 30 something runner aiming to run a sub 17 5k
  2. Your Running Potential (yourrunningpotential.com) – blog site aimed at helping runners understand their current running fitness level and to believe in and achieve their true potential

Kev is a big believer in the following training principles:

  • Structured and consistent training based on a runners current fitness level
  • Assessment of potential improvements based on current fitness levels and key personal stats including age, gender, height, weight, BMI etc
  • Clear goal setting – “believe to achieve”
  • Using heart rate and pace training
  • Focus on building aerobic strength and stamina first and foremost
  • Using Lactate Threshold training to achieve real fitness improvement
  • Using Interval and Speed Work sparingly as the icing on the cake
  • Regular time trials/races (once per month) to assess fitness improvements
  • Analysis of training performance to build confidence and propel runners to new levels of achievement

Kev will be regularly contributing to Full Stride.

Kev can be contacted on: kevin.richardson3910@hotmail.co.uk. Those interested can also contact him through his website: Your Running Potential.

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About Kev Richardson

Having shown some promise as a runner at school Kev finally got back to the sport at the age of 30 in 2012. Kev will be regularly contributing to Full Stride and will initially be contributing a series of articles for Beginner runners with a desire to improve their running.


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