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Triathlon Training for Beginners

If you’re reading this article, you’re obviously a passionate runner. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to rejuvenate your running experience? Or maybe you’re a running novice looking for advice and hints to help you achieve the best results possible when it comes to athletic achievement?

Whatever your experience, if you’ve got a passion for running and pushing yourself to achieve results, why not consider embarking on a challenge that’s made for competitive athletes? Welcome to the world of triathlon.

A traditional triathlon is made up of running, cycling and swimming, in varying lengths and durations. Whichever variation of this challenge you embark on, it’s guaranteed that your body will be pushed further than it’s ever been taken before. For this reason, it’s vital that you train effectively for the challenges you’ll face.


Training for a triathlon is not dissimilar to training for things like marathons and cycling races; the key is starting off small and building up your stamina and strength over time. However, what you’ll have to get used to is the transition between the different events. Getting off a bike and starting a run immediately after can be a massive shock for your body if you’re not used to this, so you’ll need to practice making transitions between events to prepare yourself.

Take a look at this handy video for some great tips on triathlon training plans from Paul Roberts at tribaltriathlete.com. It’s also worth searching for online forums – like this one at begginertriathlete.com – where you can share training tips with other athletes and even meet up to train together. As well as being great for motivation, training in a groups will give you a much better idea of what it will be like on the actual day of the competition.


If you’re an inexperienced runner and you’ve yet to invest in a decent pair of running shoes, you’ll need to tackle this issue before you take up a triathlon challenge. When you’re choosing your footwear, opt for a design that’s lightweight and incorporates mesh in the design for breathability, which is essential for long distance running that forms part of a triathlon challenges. Check out the range of running shoes available to buy online from Millet Sports for a selection of appropriate, running footwear.

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