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Eyewear Options For Runners

For serious runners, or even those looking into establishing regular running routines, there tends to be a decent amount of focus on equipment. It starts with simply stocking up on everyday running attire, but eventually the issue of choosing the right shoes will arise. And with innovative styles like the Nike Free Run series competing with time-tested brands like Asics, these sorts of decisions are becoming more complex every year. Throw in the growing enthusiasm over mobile run tracking and fitness bands, and there’s simply a lot to consider.

But with all of this attention paid to equipment, one thing that is sometimes overlooked by those starting running routines is eyewear. Given that a huge portion of the population requires corrective vision in order to see adequately, eyewear can become a real issue with runners, as there are a few different options out there. So here are a few words on the three main options for running eyewear.

Contact Lenses

Most people’s top pick for any athletic activity, contact lenses solve most of the issues at hand. They correct vision with comfort, and without the hassles that an external lens can cause. They also offer a complete range of vision, with no peripheral issues, which can be particularly helpful when you’re out running. For more information on contact lenses for running, Acuvue has several articles and bits of information on specific issues like which lenses are best for sports, as well as basic comfort and lens selection.


Often shunned by athletes, glasses can still be an effective option for those who simply aren’t comfortable in contact lenses. Vision is not an issue, and realistically, even a fairly intense running routine shouldn’t dislodge your glasses. The real issues can be with clarity (lenses can be blurred by humidity, obscured by rain or dust, and even scratched) and peripheral vision. But for a non-contact physical activity like running or cycling, glasses are still viable options if they’re the most comfortable for you personally.

Prescription Athletic Goggles

Once seen as an awkward option, prescription sports goggles have become sleeker, smaller, and as a result, a bit trendier and more fashionable. While the bulky, face-covering goggles of the past are still available, sleeker and more athletic options are out there, and make goggles a more attractive choice. Generally, the issues are the same as with glasses: clarity can be an issue at times depending on external factors. However, goggles will also stay more secure on your face while you exercise, and often offer a wider range of vision and better peripherals. So, if you’re serious about running but uncomfortable in contact lenses, this is certainly an option to consider.

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