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New Balance Vazee Rush Review

I switched from wearing ASICS running trainers to New Balance 12 months ago, due to their shoe quality not being what it once was. The last few pairs I purchased having issues in quality of construction which caused the trainers to split and leaving me having to buy a new pair. So when the chance came from FYFO to review the latest offering from New Balance, I jumped at the chance!

On receiving the New Balance Vazee Rush I was firstly impressed with how they looked. The Black and Lime Green really stood out leaving me excited to try them out. Here’s a picture of the sole of New Balance Vazee Rush…

New Balance Vazee Rush 2

Secondly I was impressed with the fit and how light they are. Trying them on in the house it felt like I was wearing slippers, although designed for neutral runners they felt very supportive and stable.

The first run in the New Balance Vazee Rush was around my local nature reserve which is made up of chalk/stone paths and grassy trails. The trainers performed brilliantly! They felt really light, responsive and well cushioned. Normally I tend to go for a supportive running trainer due to do doing 20-30 miles per week and due to previous knee injuries. I felt no niggles or discomfort when wearing the Vazee Rush and no blisters, they stood up very well to the demands of long runs (10-15 miles) on different types of surfaces.

So far I love wearing these running trainers, they are an excellent choice for all round training whether it be running the roads, trails or grinding out the miles on a treadmill. Overall the New Balance Vazee Rush is a very good shoe and one that I would recommend to experienced or competitive neutral runners. So far they have held up excellent through almost 60 miles, I have had no issues quality and construction wise.

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*Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with FYFO and I was given the trainers in order to give an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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Having been really active since an early age and throughout my professional career working as a gym instructor, personal trainer and exercise rehabilitation instructor 2011 proved to be a bit of a fitness turning point for me. Playing Sunday league football was becoming a battle against injuries rather than for enjoyment due to previously suffering two bad dislocations of my right knee, so I made the hard decision to pack in playing and take up another activity which would allow me to stay fit but without the constant worry of getting regular injuries. The answer was to take up running!


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