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How To Increase Your Running Stamina

Increasing stamina isn’t just an issue for long-distance runners; sprinters and those who run short distances need to keep it in top shape too.

If you’re planning on pushing that extra mile, or wanting to keep at a top speed for longer during your runs, here’s eight few simple but time-tested tips to remember.

Pace yourself

If you’re new to running, don’t expect to be able to cover miles on the first go. Not only will you be pushing yourself too far, but your muscles too. Not warming up and cooling down before and after a run can wreak havoc on muscles, and increase your chance of muscle strains and tears.

If you’re already an established runner, you’ll know by now that you have your level. Always improve one step at a time rather than all at once.

Interval training

Interval training is a method adopted by many runners for good reason; when performed regularly, it greatly increases cardiovascular capacity, burns more calories and eventually allows to body to attune to the speed you are looking to achieve.

Mix it up a little

Don’t just concentrate on running; remember, there’s other parts of your body that need attention too. Including some weight training into your exercise regime can greatly improve your running economy, and can help you use oxygen to a much more efficient level during the run itself.

Take up swimming

A swim is a great overall body workout, and much of the same cardiovascular techniques are used while running and sprinting. There’s also the added advantage of giving your upper body muscles some attention – this is a part of your body which is often overlooked when running. It’s not all about the legs!

Photo finish

When running your set route, make the last quarter of the run the fastest. Keep at an even, attainable pace for the rest of the run.

The endorphins released by that extra push will make you feel incredible by the end.

Eat well

It goes without saying that high fat and high cholesterol foods won’t do your running time any favours. Instead, choose lean protein and vegetables, and always carry a bottle of water with you while you run.

According to WebMD, those carrying a little extra weight will automatically find their stamina reduced. So keep tabs on your weight and don’t go for greasy food except for a treat.

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Tackle side stitches

That tight feeling in your side can really cut down your run time, so try to avoid it at all costs. Don’t eat within an hour before your run, and don’t drink sugary drinks beforehand.

Stick with water, and always, always warm-up before your run.

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