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Energy Products for Running

If you are an experienced runner, or are just starting your training, you will know the importance of energy drinks in relation to your performance. Running is an incredibly demanding sport, you can often find yourself feeling tired quickly. To avoid this, here are some essential energy products that you could consider using:

Energy Drinks

While water will help you replace the fluids you lose while exercising, it will do little to reenergise you and replace the electrolytes that you lose. Energy drinks are a high-sugar beverage that are packed full with the necessary electrolytes, so are popular with athletes.

Energy Tablets

When you can feel yourself tiring during a run, it can be difficult to maintain your speed and push through to the finish line. For a little pick-me-up, and an instant burst of energy, it may be worth carrying some energy tablets with you.

Available from Medicines2U, the online chemist, these tablets are a concentrated source of carbohydrates that will give you that extra boost to finish the race, enhancing your performance in the process.

Energy Gels

The latest development in energy products is energy gels. These are effectively concentrated energy drinks that will provide a quick transfer of glucose into your bloodstream through an easily absorbable carbohydrate.

You should only use these gels before or during your fitness session. Because they immediately raise your blood sugar levels, you need to be exercising in order to convert this sugar into energy. If you’re not exercising, however, your body will try to manage your high blood sugar levels by releasing insulin to try and lower it.

You should always try the gels out before race day to see how they agree with your body. As they are very sweet, your stomach may react negatively to them so try not to use a different brand on race day.

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