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Have You Done A Mud Run Yet?

A mud run is essentially one of the wildest events that you can participate in and it is perhaps the dirtiest fun that you can engage in without having to take off your clothes. A mud run is normally a trail or a course of between 5 and 10 kilometers and includes some military like obstacles placed along the route. In most cases, military specialists are the people who put up these courses and are designed precisely as a way of testing your stamina, strength, teamwork and ability to make wise decisions.

Training for a mud run

Before lacing up your shoes for a mud run, it is essential that you train properly for the activity. The first and most important thing is setting your goals as this will really help you a lot in improving your mental health and physique than you would probably think. According to experts, it is even much better if you train harder than even how the actual event is going to be. Training under conditions that are unfavourable is even much more advantageous since the difference will really benefit you a lot. It might rain on the material day and you should prepare yourself well for any kind of eventuality.

Why combination training is essential

Combination training is highly recommended for a mud run and as a beginner, you should start by combining running and walking. Start by alternating about five minutes of walking to three minutes of running and do this for about 30 minutes. This kind of regimen should be followed for about two weeks and you will certainly be good to go. Training hard like you run and practice running in some wet clothes and wet shoes. If possible, jump into the pool or ocean and continue running and train on mud, dirt, through water and sand and even run upstairs and hills as well. During training, it would be much better that you find a partner or a team to train with especially if you are a first time mud runner.

Importance of choosing the right footwear

While you shouldn’t wear sunglasses or goggles when training, it is of paramount importance that you select the right footwear. When you choose your desired footwear, check it out by yourself. Having footwear that is right fitting, i.e. not baggy is essential since they will minimise the discomfort that comes with it. It is a must that you have flat soled shoes that are designed for working out. Having such shoes will greatly increase your comfort and will make everything much more effective.

When the material day for the mud run comes, you will need to ensure that you are very fit and this is why training is essential. A wise person will participate in mud running when he or she is well prepared considering that the event can be quite challenging. Also, make sure that you stay hydrated during the run and take even more water if the temperatures are hot and humid.

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