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Has The Cricket World Cup Inspired You To Get Fit In 2015?

The Cricket World Cup is now in full flow, causing millions of brits across the country to stay up into the early hours watching their heroes in action – in spite of how this may impact on their working schedule! So, has the Cricket World Cup inspired you? If it hasn’t yet, it will do. Here’s why it is capturing hearts and minds as well as how you can get involved.

Cricket: Capturing Hearts and Minds

The great joy of the World Cup is that it is accessible for people of all ages.

People who are cricket ‘purists’ love the game as it contains all of the key components without simply being the ‘boom and bash’ of the Twenty/20. For those who are new to the game, or just want to see the ball given ‘a good whack’, the game is short and sharp, meaning that the game keeps its interest for those who simply don’t want to be sat in front of the television all day.

Nowadays, with the shorter boundaries introduced, alongside bigger bats and newer balls, we’re seeing more runs scored, more dramatic run chases and bigger sporting moments. In this tournament already, we’ve seen Chris Gayle hit 200 and AB De Villiers hit 150+*. With some of the sixes travelling 100m and above, even hard hats are needed in the ground, so the entertainment value is high.

Finally, because more funding has been given to the associate nations (those who don’t play test cricket such as Ireland and Scotland), we are also seeing some of the smaller teams beat some of the more established nations. With no guarantee of the rests in any of the games, television audiences remain captivated as the games go down to the very last balls.

The best part is that there is still over two weeks left, too. So there’s plenty still to enjoy if it is yet to captivate you.

How Can You Get Involved?

Getting involved in playing cricket could be simpler than you first thought, too. Long gone are the days of cricket being inaccessible for the majority of the public due to a lack of clubs and expensive equipment.

There are numerous sites such as Play Cricket that you can use to find local clubs, and online retailers such as Talent Cricket can help ensure that you have all the correct gear. So, what’s stopping you? Head out now and get started. It could be your turn to be at the Next World Cup in four years’ time.

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