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Fitbug Orb – Fitness Tracking Made Easy And Affordable

The UK-based company, Fitbug, recently released their new fitness tracker, the Orb. In a competitive market the Orb is offered at an extremely reasonable price, yet it certainly does not skimp on features or sacrifice accuracy for affordability. The Orb tracks steps taken, sleep patterns, calories burned and distance travelled and sends the information wirelessly to the user’s own personal Fitbug account.

The first noticeable aspect of the Orb as it emerges from the packaging is how small and light it is. It’s very unobtrusive when worn. The device is very simple and intuitive to use, with only a single button plus a light display to indicate the Orb’s current mode. The three-axis accelerometer measures all movement and the resultant data is accurately recorded.

To avoid the hassle of recharging, the Orb uses a lithium battery, with a projected life of up to six months. The Orb is display-free, but user activity can be quickly and easily accessed via the Fitbug app, which is Android and iPhone compatible. Setting up a Fitbug account is a simple matter of registering and completing a straightforward health assessment questionnaire with basic information such as water and alcohol consumption and diet.

The level of encouragement and incentive supplied by the Fitbug account is superlative. After a week of using the Orb, the user is provided with a personal target for such elements as total steps, aerobic steps (those taken after an initial ten minutes of walking) and calorific intake. Colour coding is used to indicate progress. Grey suggests that the user should keep trying, and magenta means that the target has been exceeded.

Additionally, with the aid of a monthly calendar the app allows users to check activity history, so that patterns and trends can be quickly and easily discerned. Further encouragement is supplied by a first week of daily emails explaining the programme’s features, followed by weekly email progress reports. It all helps to maintain an ongoing level of personal commitment.

There are three ways to send statistical information. A press and send on demand option; a Beacon feature which automatically transmits data at pre-set intervals; and data streaming, which enables real time progress monitoring.

Another major advantage of the Orb is its sleep tracker facility. This records how long it takes the user to fall asleep, the duration of the sleep and whether there was any wakefulness during the night.

Unlike similar devices, the Orb offers a wide variety of wearing options. It can be worn around the wrist like a watch, attached to a belt, or it can be worn around the neck on a lanyard. It can even be slipped into a pocket. It’s also splash proof. The Fitbug Orb offers the ideal way into a healthier lifestyle.

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*Disclaimer: This was a collaborative post with Fitbug and I was given the Orb in order to give an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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